The AACC has members experienced in the use of many versions of the Microsoft Windows Operating System and the applications developed for that platform.  These applications are not limited to those developed and sold by Microsoft but by many other companies.

This page serves as a home page for the many services and information provided by members of the Club.

'How To' articles
Members of the AACC write articles on how to do things on a computer running Microsoft Windows and applications that run on the Microsoft Windows Operating System.  Topics covered include Hardware, Email, Word processing and Internet to name a few.
Technical / Web Articles
Unlike the 'How To' articles these articles are not written by Club Members.  This is a section containing links to other web sites and resources that document Windows-related information.
Bugs, Problems and Solutions
Members of the AACC become aware of bugs and problems when using some of the programs running on Windows.  This section is here to help you become aware of some of these and how best to fix them.
Members of the AACC use many and varied pieces of software ranging from commercially available programs to shareware or free for use software.  The software listed in this section are those used by members of the Club on their own computers.
Note:  The AACC does not condone or support any act of software piracy or breach of copyright.  It is the responsibility of the individual to ensure that any licensing requirements for the software listed on its web page are fully adhered to.
File Extensions
This is a list of file extensions used in Microsoft Windows or programs installed on it.

Note:  Microsoft Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.