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Meeting Guides - April 2018
Windows 10 Using Windows Snap Assist
Windows 10 Using Windows Task View
Windows 10 Using Windows Virtual Desktop

Apps for Apple Macs, iPads and iPhones
You are probably aware that applications for Mac computers, iPads and iPhones can either be a Paid app that costs money or it can be Free.  What you might not be aware of is that on a daily basis some developers of apps will offer Paid apps for free for a short period of time.

So your question right now is "How do I find out about these apps?"

The answer is simple.  Go to  You can sign up for a newsletter to be received via email or simply go to the site. 

it is recommended that you visit the website daily as sometimes the period that the Paid app will be free for is short (e.g. one day) and sometimes the savings can be quite significant.  A recent example was an app for free that normally costs $49.99.

Note:  Always check before purchasing the app as sometimes these offers are applicable to Apple's US Store only.

Meeting Guides - March 2018
Windows 10 Using Search in Windows
Windows 10 Keyboard shortcuts
Windows 10 More keyboard shortcuts 

Meeting Guides - February 2018
Windows 10 Using the Windows Start Menu
Windows 10 Using the Windows Taskbar 

Web Sites
DVD Media Guides 

Online Tips
Windows Instant Access to Hardware Controls Tool
Security Risk with Internet-connected Light Bulbs
How to speed up your computer

YouTube Videos
Windows 10 - Beginners Guide

Online Tips
How to extend the battery life of your Android smartphone
Create your own Ribbon Tabs

Bug Reports / Fixes
Safari update closes security holes

News Articles
Android anti-virus software is frequently unreliable
Wine 1.4 sports a redesigned audio stack, improved graphics rendering
Ubuntu 12.04 to ship with enhanced privacy controls
Linux Mint 12 LXDE released
Linux 3.3 delayed, other kernels arrive - Update
'Use our payment system or we kill your app': Google to developers
Apple sells out of iPad for release date; want it soon? Get in line
Firefox 11 release postponed due to security issues - Update
Microsoft: Don't hate on IE 10

Bug Reports / Fixes
Apple closes security holes with iOS 5.1 and iTunes update
KDE fixes several bugs with first update to KDE SC 4.8
Google fixes Pwnium security issue in Chrome
Microsoft's Patch Tuesday will close a critical Windows vulnerability

Online Tips
How can I create and print my own booklets using Open Office?
Access your files on the move with Dropbox for the iPad

News Articles
The computer eyes have it
Chrome 17 brings improved speed and security
Chrome only future for Flash on Linux
Microsoft's February Patch Tuesday will close critical holes
Microsoft extends support for Windows 7 and Vista
SystemRescueCd 2.5.0 drops Firefox
Mageia 2 enters beta testing

Bug Reports / Fixes
Mozilla closes critical security hole in Firefox, Thunderbird and Seamonkey

Online Tips
How to maximise SSD performance with Linux
Create file libraries in Explorer

Updated Club Documents
Current versions of the following Club documents have been uploaded to the Web site:
  • Membership form.  This can be found by going to the About Us page and going to the Membership Fees towards the bottom.  Click on the link.  Requires Adobe Acrobat or a similar PDF Reader to open the file.
  • Constitution.  This can be found by going to Members Only page.  This also requires a PDF Reader to open the file.

News Articles
Microsoft set to go 'hands off' with Kinect for Windows launching Feb 1 for US$249
IBM releases last Symphony, dedicates self to OpenOffice
Trojan downloader is a problem for virus scanners
Fedora relocates operating system under /usr/

News Articles
What's new in Linux 3.2
Mandriva facing bankruptcy?

Bug Reports / Fixes
Microsoft previews January Patch Tuesday

Online Tips
Can I configure Windows Live Mail to get the same emails on two PCs?
Improve the speed of Windows startup with Microsoft Autoruns
Office 2010: Make sure your files stay on the Recent Files list

Bug Reports / Fixes
Allegedly critical zero-day vulnerability in current Flash Player
Foxit Reader 5 update close security hole
Microsoft's December Patch Tuesday should address Duqu worm
Microsoft confirms Windows vulnerability
Highly critical zero day vulnerability in Windows discovered
Adobe closes Acrobat and Reader security holes
Second Java 7 update includes JavaFX SDK
VirtualBox 4.1.8 brings fixes for 3D support
Firefox 9 improves JavaScript performance
Critical holes in Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey
Mozilla updates Thunderbird to version 9.0
VLC Media Player 1.1.13 fixes security vulnerability

News Articles
SystemRescueCd and GParted Live updated
Microsoft to automatically update Internet Explorer
Windows 8 stores passwords in the cloud
HP still Australia's top PC supplier, but Apple now number two [updated]
Apache says OpenOffice 3.4 planned for early 2012

Bug Reports / Fixes
Chrome 15 update fixes high-risk vulnerability

News Articles
Liftoff for IPTV: the war for your eyeballs
Facebook reveals its user-tracking secrets

Tinyspell will correct your spelling in any Windows program

News Articles
Google Android malware surges 472 per cent

Online Tips
Get the best out of Microsoft Word

The best Ubuntu backup tools

News Articles
Apple v Samsung war 'might have been avoided'
Linux Mint 12 release candidate now available

Bug Reports / Fixes
LibreOffice 3.4.4 brings bug fixes
Chrome 15 update closes holes, updates Flash
Adobe closes 12 critical holes in Flash
Firefox 9 Beta for desktop and Android now available
Apple closes iPhone keysigning hole

News Articles
Parted Magic 11.11.11 brings Linux 3.1
Mozilla wants users to upgrade to latest version of Firefox

News Articles
SystemRescueCd 2.4.0 released

Bug Reports / Fixes
iTunes 10.5 fixes security holes on Windows
QuickTime 7.7.1 security update released

Online Tips
How to tweak Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal, part 2
How to change the settings on your Facebook profile applications

News Articles
GIMP 2.7.3 arrives with single-window mode
Report: Android malware on the rise
Discussion about the future of Mozilla
The history of Linux
Linus Ditches KDE and Gnome (so what?)
Security breach at
First beta for Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot released
openSUSE 12.1 Milestone 5 released
LibreOffice and drift apart
Firefox 7 released, uses less RAM
Mozilla considers disabling Java in Firefox
Thunderbird 7 arrives

Bug Reports / Fixes
Chrome 13 update patches security vulnerabilities
Opera 11.51 closes security holes
Microsoft closes holes in Windows and Office
Adobe closes 14 holes in Reader and Acrobat
Adobe publishes emergency patch to fix critical Flash vulnerabilities
Mozilla details security fixes in Firefox and Thunderbird updates

News Articles
Mozilla plans to hide Firefox version numbers
Firefox 6 arrives officially, but it's hard to tell
Thunderbird 6 takes flight
Kaspersky study finds Adobe software is biggest security risk
Adobe explains Flash Player hole count differences

Bug Reports / Fixes
Firefox, Seamonkey and Thunderbird updates address critical errors

News Articles
Google is buying Motorola: Android's knight in shining armour

News Articles
Ubuntu 11.10: Thunderbird is go
Firefox 6 available, version 8 to offer add-on control

Bug Reports / Fixes
22 holes closed in Microsoft's August Patch Tuesday
Adobe fixes critical vulnerabilities in four products on patch day

News Articles
Email contains fake Microsoft security update
Expert says Adobe omits mention of 400 Flash Player flaws

News Articles
Tiny Core Linux 3.8 released

Bug Reports / Fixes
Fake Firefox update includes password-stealing trojan

Online Tips
Get a detailed list of hardware and software in your computer with System Information
Java – do you know if you need it?

News Articles
6TB monster: Western Digital My Book Studio Edition II
Cloud storage may pose a security risk for personal data, say experts
Windows 8 – the screen of the future?
Android trojan records phone calls
Torvalds: GNOME over as Linux creator switches to Xfce
Knoppix 6.7.0 Live Linux distribution released
Where has all the WiFi gone?
New version of LibreOffice ready for download

Bug Reports / Fixes
Chrome 13 brings Instant Pages, closes holes
Android browser vulnerable to "Cross Application Scripting"
QuickTime 7.7 closes security holes
Microsoft's next Patch Tuesday targets critical holes in IE and Server

News Articles
SystemRescueCD & Parted Magic update to Linux 3.0

Online Tips
Why do I sometimes get an error message instead of a web page?
Find out if your PC runs a 32-bit or a 64-bit version of Windows

Bug Reports / Fixes
iOS updates fix certificate validation vulnerability - update
Skype update enables account theft - Update

News Articles
Mandriva 2011 approaches with final RC
KDE SC 4.7 released
Aldi’s 4-in-1 hard drive has Conficker sticker shock

Online Tips
Make your document fit the page
Add subscripts and superscripts to your Word documents
Quick command to rotate screen
Getting Help from Linux - Part 1 Man Pages

News Articles
Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 1 Availability
Hotmail to ban common passwords
German Researchers Find Security Hole in Google’s Android
Mandriva Linux 2010.x reaches end of desktop support - Update
Initial planning for Ubuntu 12.04
Real-time patches for the Linux kernel take a major step forward
Linux kernel 3.0 released
Microsoft contributes a lot of changes to Linux kernel 3.0
IBM to contribute Lotus Symphony to Apache
Sysinternals Process Explorer hits version number 15

Online Tips
How the Microsoft/LogMeIn support scam works,how-the-microsoftlogmein-support-scam-works.aspx
How to stop your Gmail account being hacked
30 tips to help you get your PC back up to its original speed
Take a collection of programs with you using Liberkey 5.5
How to make the most of Windows Contacts to store contact details

Bug Reports / Fixes
VLC Media Player vulnerable to heap overflow exploits
VLC Media Player 1.1.11 closes heap overflow holes
Vulnerability in Skype allows accounts to be hijacked - Update
Apple closes the hole
Safari updates close security holes
VirtualBox updates stable and beta versions
VirtualBox 4.1 supports cloning of VMs
Vulnerability closed in Google Picasa 3.6
Security update for Foxit Reader 5 released
Canonical releases Ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS

News Articles
VirtualBox 4.1 Beta 2 gains PCI passthrough support

Online Tips
Copy and paste some text from a website and lose the formatting

News Articles
Firefox 6 arrives in Beta Channel

Online Tips
3 Tips To Make A Firefox Active Tab Stand Out From The Others

Bug Reports / Fixes
Microsoft to fix critical vulnerability in Windows 7 and Vista
Public exploit puts iPhone users at risk

News Articles
KDE SC 4.6.5 update released

Online Tips
How to maximise your Android battery life
Do LCD monitors suffer from screen burn if left for a long time?

News Articles
Microsoft releases Security Essentials 2.1
Inside Natty Narwahl: the all-new Ubuntu

Online Tips
Three iPhone and iPad security tips
iOpener - How safe is your iPhone data?

Discover 30 free software programs

Bug Reports / Fixes
LibreOffice 3.4.1 released

News Articles
VirtualBox 4.1 Beta 1 released for testing
Skype brings video calling to Android phones
Chrome takes 20 percent of global browser market

Online Tips
How to change what happens to a laptop when you close the lid

News Articles
Mandriva 2011 RC1 arrives after slight delay
Mozilla releases Thunderbird 5.0
Google goes after Facebook with Google+

Bug Reports / Fixes
Vulnerabilities found in Google Chrome PC security
Chrome 12 update closes "high-risk" holes

News Articles
"http://" to be dropped from Firefox 7 address bar

Bug Reports / Fixes
Pidgin IM client 2.9.0 closes security vulnerability
Second update for Debian Squeeze
PCLinuxOS KDE 2011.6 now available
VirtualBox 4.0 update brings GNOME 3 fixes
Joomla! 1.6 update closes security holes

Greenshot - Greenshot is a light-weight screenshot software tool for Windows

Online Tips
Is it safe to rely on one anti-virus program or should I use more?

Online Tips
How can I alter my printer's default to draft mode to save on ink? 

News Articles
Scientific Linux 5.6 released 

Bug Reports / Fixes
Firefox and Thunderbird updates patch security holes 

News Articles
Parted Magic 6.2 released
Tiny Core Linux 3.7 brings multicore ISOs
LibreOffice 3.3.3 now available
Firefox 5 nears with release candidate

Bug Reports / Fixes
Adobe to patch critical holes in Reader and Acrobat
Adobe patches Flash, Reader and more
Microsoft patch day sees release of 16 patches, fixing 34 vulnerabilities

News Articles
Support for Windows Vista coming to an end
Fedora 13 approaches end of life
Linus Torvalds threatens to cut off ARM

Bug Reports / Fixes
VLC Media Player 1.1.10 fixes vulnerabilities
Oracle patches critical Java security vulnerabilities

News Articles
Chrome 12 arrives – "safer and snazzier"

Abiword – The Best Free Lightweight Word Processor

Online Tips
How do I restore the Internet Explorer menu bar in Windows 7?
Can I change Autoplay settings?
How to enable exFAT in Ubuntu
Write your own simple software
Can I remove files from My Recent Documents on the Start menu?

Bug Reports / Fixes
Microsoft patches WINS and Office
Chrome 11 update patches high risk vulnerabilities, updates Flash
Opera 11.11 closes a critical hole
GParted Live updates underlying OS

News Articles
Linux 2.6.39 nears completion
Linux Mint 11 "Katya" released
Oracle releases Oracle Linux 6.1
Mandriva Linux 2011 Beta 3 arrives for testing
Hate computers? Your world is about to change
Google's Chrome OS machines arrive
Ubuntu Desktop 8.04 LTS reaches end of life
Plans for Ubuntu 11.10 crystalise
Facebook adds two-factor login and other security improvements
Mozilla moves to aggressively end Firefox 3.5's life
Android malware activates itself through incoming calls
Microsoft releases free AV software that boots from CD or USB

Bug Reports / Fixes
VLC Media Player vulnerable to buffer overflow exploits
Apple releases iOS updates to address location tracking concerns
Microsoft Patch Tuesday: two updates planned  

News Articles
Java SE 6 update 25 brings faster server startup
Tiny Core Linux 3.6 brings improved installer
Linux Mint 11 "Katya" to use GNOME 2.32 desktop
Trojans tempt users with alleged images of Bin Laden's death
Google Images search results may lead to malicious sites 

Online Tips
How can I reduce the size of JPEG photo files so I can email them?
How do I capture stills from video?
Organise & Manage Your Firefox Open Tabs With Tab Groups
How to restore previous versions of files if they've been overwritten 

Bug Reports / Fixes
Updates for Adobe Reader and Acrobat X brought forward
Microsoft releases out-of-schedule update for anti-malware tool
Dropbox experiment with update to solve security vulnerability
Mozilla patches Firefox and Thunderbird 

News Articles
Document Foundation announces second LibreOffice 3.4 beta
Innocent man busted for child porn after neighbour leached Wi-Fi
Online banking trojans target Chrome and Opera
Recent Linux kernels waste energy in certain situations
Slackware Linux 13.37 released
Canonical releases Ubuntu 11.04 "Natty Narwhal" 

Online Tips
How can I permanently delete files from my computer's hard disk? 

Bug Reports / Fixes
Security issue found in Dropbox client
A new security flaw hits VLC
New zero-day for Flash Player
Adobe to patch Flash Player hole Friday
iOS update for iPhone and iPad blocks fake certificates
Apple releases Safari 5.0.5, Security Update 2011-002
Chrome update prevents escape from sandbox
Latest PowerPoint security patch has problems
Spring cleaning: Oracle's patch day brings 73 security patches
Skype for Android update closes privacy vulnerability

News Articles
Ubuntu 8.04 LTS approaches end of life
Final pre-release version of Ubuntu 11.04 arrives
Spotlight On Linux: wattOS
Virtual security: release of the first beta Qubes OS 3.4 Beta released
Oracle: to become "a Community-based Project"
Anti-virus to go: Microsoft makes portable anti-virus tool available to download
Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office and OpenOffice compared

Online Tips
4 Great Tools For Editing RAW Photos In Linux
Choose different icons for shortcuts

Bug Reports / Fixes
VLC Media Player susceptible to buffer overflow vulnerability

News Articles
Mageia Beta 1 released
KDE issues 4.6.2 update, congratulates GNOME
GNOME 3 released
Skype 2.2 Beta for Linux released
SystemRescueCd 2.1.0 updates Xfce desktop
Microsoft: massive patch day planned
Firefox 5 coming 21 June?

ScreenRecorder: Free Screen-to-Video Capture Utility From Technet

Online Tips
How to control Ubuntu from the command line
Windows 7 – Shrink a Volume

Bug Reports / Fixes
First update for Debian "Squeeze"
Ubuntu will not default to installing Flash
Ubuntu 9.10 approaches end of life
openSUSE 11.2 to reach end of life in May
Adobe fixes vulnerabilities in Flash, AIR and Acrobat
Security flaw in RealPlayer
Chrome 10 update patches security vulnerabilities
Vulnerability closed in Google Picasa

News Articles
IE9 or Firefox 4 - which is faster?
What's new in Firefox 4.0
Firefox 4 finally finished and freed
Firefox 4 downloads approach 7 million, after less than 24 hours
Mozilla moves to Google Chrome style slipstreamed releases
LibreOffice 3.3.2 now available
GParted Live partition editor updated
Canonical releases Ubuntu 11.04 Beta 1

Online Tips
How can I remove USB devices from my computer safely?

Bug Reports / Fixes
Google closes Flash hole faster than Adobe  

News Articles
The Ongoing Situation and Japan and Its Affect on Electronics Prices
New levels of power saving: Seagate Barracuda Green 2TB review
Linux to get a 10x speed boost?
Linux Mint is free, looks good and great for enjoying music and films
Linux Mint 10 LXDE edition arrives

Online Tips
Perform calculations in tables without using Microsoft Excel
Linux: BackupPC
How To Print An Email Message in Gmail

Bug Reports / Fixes
Adobe warns of zero day vulnerability in Flash and Reader

News Articles
Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 9
What's new in Linux 2.6.38
Mandriva Linux 2011 Beta 1 released for testing
Netherlands open source report says no savings can be made
Google's Chrome browser gets a new logo
Mozilla to release Firefox 4 on 22 March
Warning over Skype security weakness

News Articles
Internet Explorer 9 is out today, but can it contain Chrome?
What's new in Linux 2.6.38  

Online Tips
How do I compress photos on my PC before emailing them?
How do I start programs automatically in Ubuntu?
5 Tips & Tricks When Using The Ubuntu Software Center
Protect yourself and your Wi-Fi connection

Bug Reports / Fixes
USB driver bug exposed as "Linux plug&pwn"
Microsoft closes critical holes in Windows Media Player and Media Center

News Articles
Roxio Creator 2011: The Big Daddy of all-round media programs adds 3D
NBN legislation passes lower house
Alpha version of Fedora 15 released
Gentoo Linux 11 released
Ubuntu dropping Netbook Edition
Tiny Core 3.5 review – a blend of the brilliant and the infuriating
Google releases Chrome 10 stable, improves JavaScript performance 

Bug Reports / Fixes
Security update for Foxit Reader

News Articles
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.9 released
Canonical releases Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS
openSUSE 11.4 RC2 arrives
Linux Mint 10 KDE released
Mandriva Linux 2011 Alpha 2 released for testing
Chrome beta 10 integrates JavaScript optimisation technology
VirtualBox 4.0.4 supports Ubuntu 11.04 alpha guests
Windows 7 Service Pack 1 is available for MSDN and TechNet subscribers
Microsoft's virus scanner causes security problem
avast! Free Antivirus 6, with sandbox
Security vulnerabilities galore in social networks
Mozilla releases Firefox 4 Beta 12 for testing

Club News - Topic for Upcoming Windows Meeting
The main topic for the presentation for the upcoming Windows Meeting on Wednesday, February 23rd has been finalised.  The topic for the night will discuss and demonstrate how to recover data from one hard drive and how to place it on another hard drive.  So come along and learn something new.  Doors open at 6:45pm with the meeting starting at 7pm.

Bug Reports / Fixes
Bug fixes in LibreOffice 3.3.1 release candidate
Java SE 6 Update 24 fixes floating point bug

Online Tips
How do I restore the Safely Remove Hardware icon?

News Articles
No release candidate for Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal
Tiny Core Linux 3.5 released
Microsoft releases IE9 RC with Tracking Protection
Google extends 2-step authentication to all users
New hole in Windows file sharing

Club News - Day Meetings
This week sees an exciting time as the Australian Associated Computer Club (AACC) will resume day meetings starting this coming  Tuesday 15th February.  The venue for the day meetings will be at East Gosford Progress Hall located at the corner of Henry Parry Drive and Wells Street at East Gosford.

The meeting will commence at midday and finish at around 3pm.  Afternoon tea is provided with admission prices being $4 for AACC members and $6 for non-members.

The format of the meetings will be different from our long standing evening meetings in that there is no pre-planned tutorial.  This is a meeting where you are in total control of the topics that are discussed.  So come along and learn something new or simply just mingle to get involved in discussions as they occur.

Some members will be bringing along computers to look at and the Committee members in attendance will have some of the Club's equipment with them to allow for practical demonstrations.

So we hope to see you there.

Bug Reports / Fixes
Microsoft closes critical holes in Windows, IE and IIS
Adobe releases Flash Player 10.2, patches vulnerabilities
Google releases Chrome 9 security update

Online Tips
Move files and settings to a new Windows 7 PC using Easy Transfer
How to Turn Your Home Ubuntu PC Into a LAMP Web Server
How to Manage and Use LVM (Logical Volume Management) in Ubuntu
List of Really Useful Facebook Shortcuts

News Articles
Google releases Chrome 9.0 stable
Ubuntu One: Ubuntu's cloud platform and its benefits explained
Linux vulnerable to USB worms
Android Market poses remote installation risk
Four more major Firefox releases in 2011
Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 and Server 2008 is ready
This is the (partial) end of Windows AutoRun
Security vulnerability demonstrated in Safari

Bug Reports / Fixes
Critical vulnerability in VLC player
VLC Media Player 1.1.6 fixes critical vulnerabilities
New critical vulnerability in VLC Media Player
Critical vulnerability in Opera web browser
Opera 11.01 closes critical hole
Security update for RealPlayer
Microsoft warns of cross-site scripting in Windows
Data theft vulnerability in Android 2.3 not plugged

Online Tips
How to make captions in Microsoft Word stay with their images
Can I change the way the Ribbon looks in Microsoft Office 2010?
Use Windows 7 and Vista's search tools to find your documents faster
Boost Your Email Writing Productivity with Microsoft Word Mail Merge
How to Be More Productive in Ubuntu Using Keyboard Shortcuts
How to insert headers and footers in a Microsoft Word document
Can I get Internet Explorer to load several web pages when it starts?

News Articles
LibreOffice 3.3 final released
The New Features in LibreOffice 3.3
Mozilla issues Firefox 4 beta 10
Sabayon Linux 5.5 improves boot time
openSUSE 11.4 Milestone 6 arrives
50 million viruses and rising
Russia claims Stuxnet could have triggered second Chernobyl

News Articles
Mozilla releases Thunderbird 3.3 Alpha 2
Mozilla blocks Skype Toolbar
openSUSE 11.1 reaches end of life
Twitter scareware wave
25 years of PC viruses and copy protection

Club News
Please be informed that due to the Australia Day Public Holiday on Wednesday, January 26th that the Windows meeting for that night has been cancelled.

Bug Reports / Fixes
Oracle patches 66 vulnerabilities, inc. OpenOffice
Oracle releases first VM VirtualBox 4.0 update

Online Tips
What Are the Differences Between All Those Audio Formats?
How to Synchronise Your Computer Time With The Internet On A Custom Schedule [Windows 7]
How To Access Windows Partitions From Linux on a Dual Boot System
How To Check if Your Processor Supports Virtualization Technology

News Articles
Main development phase of Linux kernel 2.6.38 completed

Online Tips
What is Logical Volume Management and How Do You Enable It in Ubuntu?

News Articles
Firefox 4.0 Beta 9 Available for Download
Firefox 4 planned for February 3.3.0 RC9 arrives
The Document Foundation announces RC3 of LibreOffice 3.3
Microsoft prepares for SP1 for Windows 7?

Bug Reports / Fixes
Apple closes 23 critical holes in Safari
iOS 4.2.1 closes a number of holes, but has already been hacked
Android vulnerability permits data theft
Exploit released for unpatched Stuxnet hole
Nullsoft closes multiple Winamp vulnerabilities

Online Tips
5 Cool Ways To Customize Your Windows 7 System

News Articles
McAfee: Malware still on the rise
Free ClamWin virus scanner moves most of Windows into quarantine
Spam hole in Google Mail
Tiny Core Linux 3.3 released
Fedora 12 approaches end of life
Mozilla releases Thunderbird 3.3 Alpha 1
Wine 1.3.8 released

Bug Reports / Fixes
VLC Media Player 1.1.5 fixes Windows vulnerability

News Articles
Linux Mint 10 released

News Articles
openSUSE 11.4 Milestone 3 released

News Articles
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 released
Internet Explorer hole: attacks are likely to increase
Mozilla releases Firefox 4 Beta 7

Bug Reports / Fixes
PCLinuxOS Releases a Slew of Quarterly Updates
Microsoft closes seven holes in Office

Online Tips
How To Completely Remove Norton Or McAfee From Your Computer

News Articles
Lubuntu: Light(er)weight Ubuntu-based Distro
Firefox 4 – Mozilla versus the world
Mozilla: Firefox 4 Beta 7 coming
Mozilla celebrates 6 years of Firefox
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.6 beta adds full Ext4 support
Alternative Linux distros that deserve the limelight
Clonezilla Live open source clone system updated

Bug Reports / Fixes
Microsoft warns of zero-day hole in Internet Explorer
Microsoft Patch Tuesday: Updates for Office and Forefront
Google releases security update for Chrome
Adobe: hole closed, hole open

Online Tips
How Do I Know If My Applications Will Run In Windows 7?

News Articles
Desktop Linux: The dream is dead
Skolelinux 6.0.0 Alpha 1 released
Labor's ISP filter plan faces more delays
Java replaces Adobe Reader as the most frequent attack target
IBM releases Lotus Symphony 3 office suite

Online Tips
Mount USB Devices in Virtualbox with Ubuntu
5 Tools And Tips For A Sexier Ubuntu Interface
How to Remove Windows Desktop Search from Your PC
Make Microsoft Word Always Use Plain Text for Pasted Text

Online Tips
What is Cloud Computing and What Does This Stupid Buzzword Mean?

Online Tips
Use Your iPhone or iPod Touch as a Document Scanner

Online Tips
Why Do Application Installs Make You Reboot and Close Other Apps?
How to Restore Previous Versions of the Registry in Windows 7

Online Tips
What To Look For When Buying A Computer Case
How to Test if Your Computer Can Boot From a USB Drive

MakeUseOf Linux Pack 2010: All-In-One Easy Installer

Online Tips
Create Your Own Windows 7 Style Automatic Defrag in Windows XP

Online Tips
15 Beautiful Free Formal Script Fonts
How to Backup Your Linux PC with Simple Backup

Online Tips
Customize the Title Bar and Other System Fonts in Windows 7
3 Easy Ways to Connect to Windows Shared Folders from Linux
How To Fix A Corrupted Windows NTFS Filesystem With Ubuntu

Online Tips
How to Free Up a Lot of Disk Space on Ubuntu Linux by Deleting Cached Package Files
MediaMonkey Gold 3.2.2
Using Templates in MS Office 2010 & 2007
How Can I Tell What is Listening on a TCP/IP Port in Windows?

Online Tips
How To Backup Your Windows Home Server System State
Use Grep to Recover Deleted Text Files On Your Linux Box
How People Are Hacking Wireless Networks & How To Protect Yourself
Creating Custom Manual Pages in Linux
Virus Scan A Windows Machine using Linux

Online Tips
How To Setup and Install Windows Home Server “Vail” in VMware Player

Online Tips
How The INTERNET Works

Online Tips
Remove Ubuntu One from Ubuntu 10.04

Online Tips
Open YouTube Videos in VLC Media Player

Online Tips
Run Android on Your Netbook or Desktop

Online Tips
5 ways to use bootable Linux live discs
Save Your OneNote 2010 Docs to Different File Formats
How to Mount a Remote Folder in Ubuntu

Online Tips
How to Install, Manage, and Delete Fonts on Your PC
Basics of Photo Cropping That You Should Understand

Online Tips
Getting Started With OneNote 2010
How to Test Your Home Network Speed (And Decipher The Results)

Online Tips
Print A Word 2007 Document Without The Graphics
USB 3.0: Everything You Need To Know

Online Tips
How Do I Know if I’m Running 32-bit or 64-bit Windows?
Show the Classic “All Programs” Menu in the Start Menu in Windows 7

Online Tips
Using Local Users and Groups to Manage User Passwords in Windows 7

Online Tips
What is moe.exe and Why is it Running?

Online Tips
How to Normalize the Volume of Your MP3 Files
Use Ctrl+Alt+Del for Task Manager in Linux to Kill Tasks Easily

Online Tips
Change Icon Views to Extra Large in Windows 7 Explorer

Online Tips
How to Backup Your Data to a Virtual Hard Drive in Windows 7

Online Tips
Minimise Windows Live Mail to the System Tray in Windows 7
What is JavaScript and How Does It Work? [Technology Explained]

Online Tips
Clone a Hard Drive Using an Ubuntu Live CD
How to Make Ubuntu Play MP3 Files
Unity: A Modern Lightweight Desktop For Ubuntu

Online Tips
Use an Ubuntu Live CD to Securely Wipe Your PC’s Hard Drive
Ubuntu 10.04 Integrates All Your Inboxes
How to Find Your IP Address in Ubuntu Linux
Move Files from a Failing PC with an Ubuntu Live CD
Create Custom Ubuntu CDs Easily With Reconstructor
2 Ways To Disable The Shutdown Notification in Ubuntu
HOW TO: choose the best version of Linux
5 Things Easier To Do In The Command Line [Linux]
Complete Guide to Networking Windows 7 with XP and Vista
Fix Icon Display Problems by Rebuilding the Windows 7 Thumbnail Cache
How To Disable Control Panel in Windows 7
Prevent Changing the Screen Saver and Wallpaper in Windows 7
How to Disable Access to the Registry in Windows 7
Create a Shortcut To Group Policy Editor in Windows 7
Perform Unit Conversions with the Windows 7 Calculator
Share OneNote 2010 Notebooks with OneNote 2007
How To Uninstall, Disable, and Remove Windows Defender. Also, How Turn it Off
Reset All Internet Explorer 8 Settings to Fix Stability Problems
Change the Default Font Size in Word
What is hiberfil.sys and How Do I Delete It?
30 Useful Firefox Add-ons to Boost Your Productivity
Integrate Google Docs with Outlook the Easy Way
View Your Google Calendar in Outlook 2010
Wipe, Delete, and Securely Destroy Your Hard Drive’s Data the Easy Way
Complete Guide to Symbolic Links (symlinks) on Windows or Linux

Online Tips
A Sleek & Easy Way To Administer Ubuntu - Ubuntu Control Center
How to Add Proprietary Drivers to Ubuntu 10.04
Use Any Folder For Your Ubuntu Desktop (Even a Dropbox Folder)
Add Hotmail & Live Email Accounts to Outlook 2010
Add Your Gmail Account to Outlook 2010 using POP
Set the Windows Explorer Startup Folder in Windows 7

Online Tips
OCR anything with OneNote 2007 and 2010
Jolicloud is a Nifty New OS for Your Netbook

Online Tips
Hide and Unhide Worksheets and Workbooks in Excel 2007 & 2010
VLOOKUP in Excel, part 2: Using VLOOKUP without a database
Increase the size of Taskbar Preview Thumbnails in Windows 7
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Software:  Ubuntu Remote Desktop
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Software Review: Clonezilla (Live & Server Edition)
Ever experienced a computer crash the day before you have to turn in an important project? As we all know, backups are your best friends in such situations. There are several types of back-up systems out there today. One method is to clone your hard drive, so that you can restore everything as it was in the event of a crash. There are a few software packages, both commercial and free, which help you to do this. Norton Ghost is probably the most commonly used solution for years. But let’s take a look at Clonezilla, which is an open source alternative that gives Ghost a run for its money.

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Member Tip: Learning the Office 2007 Toolbar
Contributed by Colin Phelps

ave you recently or even some time ago upgraded or started using office 2007 and are struggling with finding the options that you were used to in previous versions of Office?
Well, don't worry no more. Microsoft have Ribbon Guides on their web site where a Flash presentation will display an Office 2003 screen. From this screen you can select the option in Office 2003 that you were used to using and it will then show you how to get to it in Office 2007.
The web site you need to go to is .

Member Tip: Back Up your ADSL Modem Settings
Contributed by Colin Phelps

Do you know all of the settings that have been made on your ADSL modem? Could you re-create them if the modem needed to be reconfigured?
Well, I know I could not. Well, not easily anyway. I had been having some issues with my ADSL connection recently (ie. poor performance on Internet, modem needing to be reset, etc). I woke up one morning a few days ago and I had no Internet at all. Powering the modem off / on did not resolve the problem and I could not log into the modem to check its settings. What I also noticed was that the logs that were emailed to me from the modem of its activities were dated "January 1st, 2000". Something was clearly wrong!!
To get the modem back up to the point were I could log in as the administrator and check the configuration I needed to reset the modem to its factory defaults. Most (if not all) modems have this feature which normally involves sticking something into a small hole in the back of it (eg. a straightened paperclip works well).
Now in a case like this all of my configuration settings are now gone and the modem will not connect to the Internet. However I was up and running in two minutes after I reset the modem to its factory defaults.  You might ask how was I able to do this?  The answer is simple, by reloading the configuration settings that I had backed up to my computer. This involves logging in as the administrator with your browser and then clicking on the necessary options to save it as a file.
It is virtually impossible to give you exact instructions as each modem may be different depending upon manufacturer, model or firmware version.  Check the manual for your modem for exact details.
Other points to note:
  • Save the files in a special folder with your data and make sure that the modem configuration files are being backed up as well (eg. to USB drive, CD, DVD, memory stick, etc).
  • Take a backup at key points such as once per month, before upgrading the firmware in the modem or after making configuration changes.
  • Keep a log in an exercise book or a document on your computer of the filename of the configuration file and why this file was created to make the decision when reloading a configuration easier (if the time ever comes when you need to do that).

So start doing this now because you never know when you will need it.

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Member Tip:  Dust
Dust in a computer can be one of the causes for hardware failing before its time.  Dust gets into your computer and accumulates on flat surfaces, on fans and around air intakes/exhaust locations.  When dust accumulates it will either restrict vital air flow needed to keep the components cool or it can cause overheating and in some causes short circuits on the electronic components.
Businesses that have Data Centres for their computers will deploy a number of strategies to combat this problem such as hiring professional cleaning companies.  So what can you do at home or in your small business to deal with this potential computer killer?
Here are a few tips on what you can do:

  • Check the external case of the computer for signs of dust.  If you can see dust on the grills of the case, the front of the machine or where the air comes out of the power supply then you can be guaranteed that there is a high likelihood that dust has accumulated somewhere inside the case.  I would suggest you check this once every 3-6 months and then adjust the frequency to your own experience.

  • Keep the area around the machine clean.  Vacuum / sweep the area regularly and dust around the machine and allowed to accumulate there will work its way into the machine.

  • If cleaning is needed on the inside of the machine, you only need three tools being a screwdriver, soft brush (paintbrush will do) and a good set of lungs.  Make sure you do this job in your shed or garage as it will be dirty.  Disconnect the machine from power and open up the case.  Use the brush gently to free up high build ups of dust around fans, etc.  Pick up these "dust balls".  Once down then give the inside a big blow for dislodge finer dust. Once done move the machine away from that area or else the dust that is now floating in the air will settle back on/in the machine.  (Note:  Instead of blowing into the machine you can buy cans of compressed air.  Don't use anything stronger than these and consider thinking of the environment by not using them at all.)

  • To clean the outside, use the brush to free up high build ups of dust and then wipe it down with a slightly damp rag.



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