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The Australian Associated Computer Club (AACC) is located near Gosford on the NSW Central Coast and focuses on providing help to its members and visitors in using their computers and learning more about computing, including other related technologies. We are a Computer club and cater for members who use Microsoft Windows and applications that run on it. We do this by providing a friendly atmosphere. We have members ranging in experience from those with their first computers through to some who work in the Computing Industry. To read more about the Club, its commitment and services that we provide please go to the About Us section of the web site by clicking on the About Us tab at the top of this web page.

Our next meeting is on Tuesday, May 8th 2018 at Araluen Community Centre, Henry Kendall Gardens, 150 Maidens Brush Road, Wyoming.  Starting time is 9:30am.

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Meeting Guides - April 2018

Windows 10 Using Windows Snap Assist

Windows 10 Using Windows Task View

Windows 10 Using Windows Virtual Desktop


Apps for Apple Macs, iPads and iPhones
You are probably aware that applications for Mac computers, iPads and iPhones can either be a Paid app that costs money or it can be Free.  What you might not be aware of is that on a daily basis some developers of apps will offer Paid apps for free for a short period of time.

So your question right now is "How do I find out about these apps?"

The answer is simple.  Go to https://appsliced.co.  You can sign up for a newsletter to be received via email or simply go to the site. 

it is recommended that you visit the website daily as sometimes the period that the Paid app will be free for is short (e.g. one day) and sometimes the savings can be quite significant.  A recent example was an app for free that normally costs $49.99.

Note:  Always check before purchasing the app as sometimes these offers are applicable to Apple's US Store only.


Meeting Guides - March 2018

Windows 10 Using Search in Windows

Windows 10 Keyboard shortcuts

Windows 10 More keyboard shortcuts


Meeting Guides - February 2018

Windows 10 Using the Windows Start Menu

Windows 10 Using the Windows Taskbar


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