The Australian Associated Computer Club (AACC) could not carry out its valuable work without the generous contributions made various organisations and government departments who have graciously donated money or equipment.

The following is a list of the organisations who have recently contributed to the AACC in this manner.

Lodge Morning Star
Freemasonry is a fraternal organisation that exists in various forms all over the world and has millions of members.
The Lodge Morning Star located in Gosford provided a sum of money via a grant application to purchase a notebook computer. The AACC with this grant purchased a Dell Latitude notebook computer that it uses for promotional activities and during tutorials.
Department of Social Services
The Department of Social Services is the Australian Government's principal source of advice on social policy.
DSS provided a sum of money via a grant application to purchase a new projector. The AACC with this grant purchased a Dell Projector that is used by its members during regular tutorial and workshop meetings to allow attendees to learn more about the use of personal computers.
Belkin Australia
Belkin are a manufacturer/supplier of audio, video and computer cables, power protection, wireless network and accessories for MP3 players, computers and mobile phones.
The Australian headquarters for Belkin provided a Belkin Flip KVM switch to allow the AACC to have two computers connected to a monitor/projector, keyboard and mouse while conducting workshops, tutorials and other activities.
The site is created using Microsoft FrontPage provided by Donortec, an organisation providing donated software and hardware to eligible Australian non-profit organisations.
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