V.32bis The slowest practical modem speed for using the Web is 14,400 bps. The international standard for modems that run at this speed is called V.32bis. It is an extension of the previous V.32 standard that specified how 4800 bps and 9600 bps modems would communicate.
Variable A label (or name) in a computer program that represents a value that changes during the execution of the program. Variables can be passed from one program to another.
VBA Acronym for Visual Basic for Applications. This is the common macro/programming languages supplied with Microsoft Office and other Microsoft programs.
VBScript A scripting language based on Microsoft's Visual Basic programming language. It can be used in a number of areas, primarily for providing interactive controls such as buttons and scroll bars on Web Pages.
Vector Graphics Images that are built on points, lines and shapes rather than individual pixels. Vector graphics create small files that can be scaled without affecting the quality of the image.
Veronica Veronica is a search engine for finding information in all gopher sites, everywhere. Veronica uses a spider to create a continually updated index of all the text in these gopher sites. By the way, Veronica stands for "very easy rodent-oriented Net-wide index to computerised archives"
Video Adapter A board in a computer whose purpose is to process data from the CPU for display on the computer's monitor.  In recent years, the video adapter has been integrated (made part of) into the motherboard.
Video buffer An area in memory that is set aside to hold information displayed on the screen. The system continuously scans the buffer, decoding the contents and sending them to the screen.
Virtual Memory A technique whereby a section of a hard disk is treated as traditional memory so that the programs that are running are led to believe that there is more memory in the system than there really is.
Voice blast Voice Blast technology lets you automatically send a recorded voice message to many recipient telephones, sometimes used for business or for community emergency warnings.
Volume See Partition.
Vortal A voice portal or a Web site that can be accessed via a telephone.
Voxel Short for Volume Pixel. The 3-D equivalent of a pixel.
VPN Acronym for Virtual Private Network. A private network provisioned over a shared transmission medium, such as the commercial Internet or other public network service, by encapsulating a private packet in a public datagram.
VRAM Video RAM (VRAM) is a type od dual-ported RAM tailored for used with video adaptors.


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