Narrowband The lowest quality bandwidth connection as used for telephones and modems.
Native Resolution The optimum resolution for a monitor.
NC Network computer--a computer designed to use applications from and store data on a network or Internet server. As a result, NCs typically have no floppy drive, far less memory and processing power than a typical PC, and only enough hard disk storage for caching and administration purposes. Many folks think they can reduce TCO (that's total cost of ownership, remember?) by replacing networked PCs with NCs, because NCs are less expensive to purchase and can be managed centrally from a single network server.
Network The linkage of two or more computers so that they can talk to each other. Usually created to allow people to easily share files and peripheral devices such as printers.
Network Drive A disk drive that is physically connected to a network server rather than your computer.
Newsgroups A newsgroup is a discussion list based on a specific subject matter. Topics range from local news to computer hardware to folk music. Windows users can sign up for newsgroups using the Outlook Express news client.
Nibble Equal to half a byte, or four bits.
NLQ Acronym for Near Letter Quality.  Mainly used in association with dot matrix printers that can produce output nearly good enough for use for business letters.
Node A single system or connection point in a cluster.
Noise If you call your Internet service provider (ISP) to complain that you can't ever seem to connect at your modem's maximum speed, the person at the other end of the line will probably blame the slower-than-expected connection on "noise"--additional electrical energy on the phone line that slows down your data. Noise can come from so many sources--nearby electrical appliances, transformers, thunderstorms, even solar phenomena--that you're always bound to have some.
Non-impact printer A printer with fewer moving parts than impact printers. They are also faster and quieter. Examples are ink-jet and laser printers.
Non-volatile Memory Memory chips such as ROM chips that retain their information even when the system is shut down.
Normalise The process of boosting an audio signal to its highest strength before distorting, as well as reducing spikes of high noise.
Normalised data Term used when organising data in a relational database. With normalised data, repetitive data is stored only once. For example, in a purchasing system the address of the customer would be stored in a separate table and a link made to it from the table containing the purchasers transactions.


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