K56flex Developed by the Rockwell Corporation, K56flex is a method to speed up modem communications. It speeds incoming data only, tends to max out at 53 kbps, and works only if your ISP supports K56flex.
KDE An easy-to-use windows-based environment for Linux users. ( )
Kernel The Kernel is the heart of an operating system, that foundation software inside every computer. It monitors clock and how much time each program gets, starts programs and monitors their status, and handles resource--memory and such--sharing among programs.
Kerning The option used for increasing or decreasing the horizontal space between text characters.
Kilobyte If you know that "kilo" means "thousand" and "byte" means "byte" then you know that a kilobyte is one thousand bytes (actually it's 1024 or 2 to the 10th power bytes). Before Windows, the kilobyte was the de facto unit of RAM measurement, because DOS programs could use no more than 640 kilobytes of RAM.


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