Filename Extensions

The following list is a compilation of file extensions. For a more extensive list, go to,289933,sid9,00.html

.2D Versadraw
.ABC Micrografx ABC Flowcharter 6 document
.ACL Microsoft Office 97 AutoCorrect List
.ADE Microsoft Access project extension
.ADP Microsoft Access project
.AF3 Micrografx ABC Flowcharter 3/4 diagram
.AFT Micrografx ABC Flowcharter 3/4 template
.ANI Animated cursor
.ASF Microsoft Advanced Streaming Format  
.ASX Microsoft Audio Streaming file
.AVI Windows video file (acronym for Audio Video Interleaved)
.AWD Microsoft Windows 95 Fax file
.BAS Microsoft Visual Basic class module
.BAT Batch file
.BMP Windows Bitmap graphics file
.CAB Microsoft Installation Cabinet file
.CAL Compressed bitmap
.CDR CorelDraw file
.CDT CorelDraw Template
.CDX CorelDraw 8 file
.CGM Computer Graphics Metafile graphics file
.CHM Compiled HTML Help file
.CMD Microsoft Windows NT Command script
.CMX Corel Presentations Exchange file
.CNV Microsoft Windows conversion file, eg. convert WordPerfect to Word
.COM Microsoft MS-DOS program
.CPL Control Panel extension
.CPP Borland Turbo C++ source code
.CPT Corel Photo-Paint 6/7 bitmap
.CRT Security certificate
.CUR Microsoft Windows cursor
.DBF dBase database
.DLL Microsoft Windows Dynamic Link Library
.DOC Microsoft Word document
.DOT Microsoft Word template
.DRV Driver file
.DRW Micrografx Designer
.DSK Lotus Notes information file
.DWG AutoCAD drawing
.DXF AutoCAD drawing
.EMF Enhanced Windows Metafile
.EPS Encapsulated Postscript file
.EXE Program
.FLO Micrografx Flowcharter 7 diagram
.FLT Microsoft filter
.FON Font file
.FRM Corel WordPerfect Merge forms
.GIF CompuServe GIF grahics file
.GRP Microsoft Windows 3.1 Program Group
.HLP Help file
.HPG Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language file
.HT HyperTerminal connection file
.HTA HTML program
.HTM Internet Web Page (HyperText Markup Language)
.HTML Internet Web Page (HyperText Markup Language)
.ICO Microsoft Windows icon
.ID Lotus Notes ID file
.IDX Microsoft Clipart index
.IFD JetForm form template
.IMG GEM Paint bitmap
.INF Setup Information
.INI Program initialisation/configuration file
.INS Internet Naming Service
.ISP Internet Communication settings
.JPEG Joint Photographics Experts Group graphics file
.JPG Joint Photographics Experts Group graphics file
.JS JScript file
.JSE JScript Encoded Script file
.LDB Microsoft Access record-locking details
.LNK Shortcut
.LQT Liquid Audio music file
.M3U Play list file for Winamp 
.MAC MacPaint bitmap
.MDB Microsoft Access program
.MDE Microsoft Access MDE database
.MDF JetForm compiled form
.MDM Lotus Notes modem file
.MDZ Microsoft Access 97 template
.MID Microsoft Windows MIDI sound file
.MP3 Media Player file
.MPEG Movie/audio file
.MSC Microsoft Common Console document
.MSI Microsoft Windows Installer package
.MSP Microsoft Windows Installer patch
.MST Microsoft Visual Test source files
.NLM Netware LOadable module (ie. program)
.NSF Lotus Notes database
.NTF Lotus Notes database template
.OBD Microsoft Office binder
.OFT Microsoft Outlook template
.OR2 Lotus Organiser 2.x data file
.OR3 Lotus Organiser 97 data file
.PAT CorelDraw file
.PCD Microsoft Visual compiled script
Photo CD Image
.PCT Macintosh PICT bitmap
.PCX PC Paintbrush graphics file
.PDF Adobe Acrobat document
.PIC Lotus 1-2-3 PIC file
.PIF Shortcut to MS-DOS program
.PLN PlanPerfect
.PNG Portable Network Graphics
.POT Microsoft PowerPoint template
.PP4 Picture Publisher 4 bitmap
.PPT Microsoft Powerpoint slideshow
.PSD Adobe Photoshop bitmap drawing
.PUB Microsoft Publisher file
.PWL Microsoft Networking Password List file
.RA Real Audio file
.RAM Real Audio Metafile
.REG Registration entries
.REP Lotus Organizer report layouts
.RBK Microsoft Windows 95 Registry Backup
.RTF Rich-text file
.SCD Microsoft Schedule+ data file
.SCR Screen saver
.SCT Scitex CT bitmap
Windows Script Component
.SET Microsoft Backup setup file
.SHB Shell Scrap object
.SHS Shell Scrap object
.SKD AutoSketch drawing
.SMI Lotus Smarticon sets
.SYS Device driver
.TGA Targa bitmap
.THE Microsoft Windows 9x theme
.TIF Tagged Image File Format graphic
.TMP Temporary file
.TTF True-type font
.TXT Text file
.URL Internet shortcut
.VB VBScript file
.VBE VBScript Encoded script file
.VBS VBScript file
.VQF Audio file 
.VSD Visio drawing
.VXD Microsoft Windows virtual device
.WAV Microsoft Windows sound file
.WB1 Corel Quattro Pro spreadsheet
.WB2 Corel Quattro Pro spreadsheet
.WB3 Corel Quattro Pro spreadsheet
.WCM Corel WordPerfect macros
.WDB Microsoft Works database
.WI Wavelet Compressed Bitmap
.WIZ Microsoft Word wizard
.WK1 Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet
.WK3 Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet
.WK4 Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet
.WKS Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet
Microsoft Works spreadsheet
.WMA Microsoft Windows Media Format file 
.WMF Windows Metafile
.WPD Corel WordPerfect documents
.WPG Corel WordPerfect graphics 5.1/6/7/8
.WPM Corel WordPerfectmacros
.WPT Corel WordPerfect templates
.WQ1 Corel Quattro Pro spreadsheet
.WQ2 Corel Quattro Pro spreadsheet
.WRI Microsoft Write document
.WSC Windows Script Component
.WSF Windows Script file
.WSH Windows Script Host Settings file
.XLS Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
.XLT Microsoft Excel template
.XLW Microsoft Excel 4.x workbook
.ZIP PKZIP compressed archive file